Commercial / Comedy

Pizza Heist

Alpine Films recruited the services of Vincent Pastore (Sopranos; The Family) and Paul Borghese (The Family) to have a sit down at Buffalo’s Home of New York Style Pizza: Zettis. Shot in our own New York style, the piece reflects the look and tempo of a classic mob film, with a humorous pay-off driving home the point that Zettis is a slice of New York in the heart of Buffalo.

The Pizza Heist is a prime example of Alpine’s philosophy of incorporating strong characters and entertaining narratives in our productions; elevating a regional spot to a national feel. Shot on location with cinematic camera and lighting, one almost becomes immersed in watching an actual “Mob” film then are taken inside for a sample of our client’s wares and atmosphere. A perfect combination of story and salesmanship.


Joe Serafini

Zetti’s Pizza

Vincent Pastore, Paul Borghese