drama / romance

The Chase

The Chase encompasses both our philosophy of production and advertising with our desire that our clients tell a story that embodies their product in action. The Chase is part of a three part series that tells the story of a young man and his pursuit of happiness, what is more important in a pursuit than a pair of great boots?

Shot on location in Buffalo, NY where some of the city’s most notable landmarks will be seen as backdrop; in our first installment the venerable North Park Theater and the stoic but compelling Silos on the Buffalo River are featured.

The Chase is a prime example of narrative based product placement; we were going to title it: “Feets Don’t Fail Me Now” but we opted for something more concise and elegant. The Chase: Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Girl…will Boy triumph?… Well, the Parkhurst Boots are along for the ride… he can’t fail.


Joe Serafini


Sawyer Matheny, Samantha Minney